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Your Guide To A Feminist Valentine’s Day

First off, I just want to wish y’all a very Happy Galentine’s Day (and upcoming Feminist Valentine’s Day). I’m currently in the throes of an unfortunate (and aggressive) cold. Having my son in preschool means he brings home a new bug about once a month. Yay kids! Anyway, my Galentine’s this year is so far consisting of laying in bed, trying to catch up on work, and watching Grey’s Anatomy when I start to feel worse. And my Valentine’s isn’t looking so promising either. Hopefully if you’re reading this, though, you’ve already shared a delightful, waffle-heavy brunch with your favorite gal pals (and other pals who might not be gals but are also awesome enough to share Galentine’s with). But if you’re in search of ways to celebrate a Feminist Valentine’s Day, you’re in luck! Check out my quick guide (with plenty of links) to a truly spectacular Feminist Valentine’s Day.

Start By Celebrating Yourself


When we think of Valentine’s, we think of buying roses and chocolates and cards for others. But who says you can’t just celebrate your damn self? For some ideas on performing self-care, check out what Rebecca at The Radish Society wrote, with plenty of great ideas on how to celebrate yourself. And if you’re the crafty type, consider making yourself any of these rad V-Day goodies from Aleksandra at Bunnies Are Magic–all perfectly DIY. Most of all, celebrate your beauty, inside and out. Take some time out to meditate, read, paint, do some yoga (and find what feels good), smile, laugh, whatever. Write yourself a love letter like Marisa at Stream and Stone did. Or take yourself on a feminist Valentine’s date using one of the suggestions made by Marisa of A Mixed Sort.

Personally, I’d advise you to also consult this lovely list of feminist sex toys–the perfect touch to how you’ll touch yourself this Feminist Valentine’s Day. (P.S. I *highly* recommend Foria spray if such things are legal where you reside–review of the product to come…hey-oo!)

And Then Celebrate Your Significant Other(s) If You Got ‘Em


Remember, you DON’T have to go broke to have a good time with your partner on V-Day, especially if you’re going the Feminist Valentine’s Day route. You can get some great, frugal Valentine ideas from Amanda at Penniless Prairie Girl. There’s also some good gift ideas over on this Bustle article and some adorable DIY V-Day card ideas by Brooklyn of La Ti Do. Or if you’re currently on the market for a new S.O., feel free to consult Aisling’s hilarious REAL Feminist Guide To Dating (hint: don’t take it too seriously). Oh, and before you decide to get it on (if you get that far), don’t forget to read this primer on positive consent by Sareeta of Flight & Scarlet.

By the way, since V-Day is on a Tuesday, don’t force yourself to celebrate on this day if you’re both exhausted. Postpone to this coming Friday or Saturday or whenever. You’ll both appreciate it in the long run (and just imagine how much discounted chocolate you can pick up by then!)

If You’re A Parent, Make Time To Celebrate With Your Littles (Because Sharing Holidays With Your Kids Is The Best)


Start off by selecting a love-themed book off this wonderful Valentine’s Day reading list by Vicki at Babies to Bookworms. Then mosey over to Inspired By Lucille’s site, where you can learn how to have the Perfect Valentine’s Day Party with your family (including links to recipes, V-Day kid-friendly crafts, games, and more). Or just do what I do and put on the Valentine’s-themed cartoon specials on Hulu (including the Rugrats and Power Puff Girls!)

Watch Some Great Feminist Valentine’s Friendly Shows Or Movies


Watch some feminist rom-coms or try some feminist horror flicks for size (because there’s no better excuse to hold on tight to your sweetie, or your blanket, on V-Day than a good scary movie). Simple enough, yeah?

Show The World Some Love


And finally, a Feminist Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to commit yourself to a good cause. Sign up to become a clinic defender at or make a donation to Planned Parenthood, or go care for the shelter animals at the Humane Society. Donate clothes and goods to a women’s shelter. Send your senators some V-Day cards thanking them and/or reprimanding them for not listening to their constituents. Do something. Do anything!

How are you planning on celebrating the day (or the week)? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Your Guide To A Feminist Valentine’s Day

  1. Thank you for including a link to my post, ‘How to have the Perfect Family Valentine’s Day Party.” It is great to know that a post that was written for families designed by a SAHM can be used by so many others in different walks of life. Valentine’s Day is all about love. Loving your family, loving others, and loving yourself.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Pris! Also, I love your first suggestion of celebrating yourself. So important. My Valentine’s Day was actually alone, and I had a nice glass of wine with my cat 😛 it was lovely!

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