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Review: Pura Organics – A Skincare Line By Girl Bosses For Girl Bosses

I’ll admit, I’m not the best at keeping up with my skincare routine. It’s tough when you’re a working mom (oxymoron, but you know what I mean). I’m the first person to wake up in my household. I splash cold water on my face and maybe throw on a light cream with SPF in it and call it a day. Do I always remember to wash off any make-up at night? No. Am I working toward getting better at that? You bet. It’s not a fear of aging, really. But I have always envied people with soft, clear skin. Mine is just alright, but I know it could be vastly improved. So when someone from Pura Organics reached out to me to chat about testing out some of their products, I figured, why not?

For one, they’re a 100% female-run company (and y’all know I’m all about feminist companies here). That’s partly because honestly, I don’t always trust products made by people who don’t even use the products. Plus, we need more women in power all over (the future is female and feminist, after all). Pura Organics CEO Molly Fay is young, ambitious, and has amazing-looking skin (seriously, check out her Insta). 

In a recent interview with blogger Amy Lauren, Molly talks about how she’s always struggled with allergies. This is why she knew she needed to be very cautious about what ingredients she put into her own products. The end result is Pura Organics, a skincare line that relies on more natural ingredients like Aloe, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E, Chamomile, and more. That’s why I was happy to jump on board and test out some products.


The first product I tried out was the Firming Night Moisturizer. I’d been searching for a night cream for some time and had actually just been using my day cream double-time. I have to say, this cream is a thousand times better than doing that, and much better than any of the other night creams I’ve tried before.

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Aloe Vera juice and Jojoba Oil are the key ingredients in this badass night potion. I’ve always known that aloe is one of the best plants out there for everything from skin care to hair care. Jojoba is also said to help out with fine lines and wrinkles, which, I must admit, are finally starting to appear on my face now that I’m edging my way toward mid-30s.


This cream also has retinol, which is great for things like fine lines, but not good if you’re going to be out in the sun (which is why it’s good for night use only). My skin can be pretty darn sensitive to new products in general, but so far it’s been responding great to this night cream.

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The moisturizer comes in a small jar and once you open it, you’ll be greeted with the faintest, sweet scent. I absolutely love it. It’s not overpowering at all (which I hate). I’d say it only adds to the relaxation of the experience. I dip into the cool cream a few times and slather it over my face and neck, and it disappears quickly enough.


What I love about this cream is that my skin feels much softer within days of using it. Even when I end up skipping a few nights (did I mention I’m a mom?), it still goes right back once I use it again. It’s light, so it doesn’t make me break out the way some heavier creams do. All in all, I can say I definitely recommend this product.


Image via Pura Organics

The second item I was sent was their Nourishing Face and Body Scrub. I haven’t used this one quite as much, but I do like it. I will say this: If you’re searching for a more intense exfoliating scrub, this isn’t it. This is, however, great for a light form of exfoliation. Its key ingredients are Avocado Oil and Grapeseed Oil, great for scrubbing away dead and damaged skin cells. I generally only use this one once a week, but I like it enough. It’s also got Shea Butter, which might be why it feels almost like it moisturizes while simultaneously exfoliating. Those with more sensitive skin would probably highly benefit from such a gentle scrub.

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All in all, Pura Organics, you get two thumbs up. I definitely enjoy my skincare routine more these days, thank you!


Note: Pura Organics provided free samples for this review. All opinions are my own.

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