305 To The 303: Miami, Denver, And Everything In Between


It’s been a while since I took some time to write on here. Been a while since I took any time to write for myself and not for clients or even for books I’m working on. But considering the state of the world¬†(or at least the U.S. right now), I thought it best to start documenting my life again, from Miami to Denver.

The last time I wrote on here was June. Bernie was still running for President and no one was taking Trump seriously as a candidate. I was working diligently in my freelance biz while watching the sprout at home as well. I was still living in Homestead (southern suburb of Miami). Things were looking up.


Thing life got busy and well, I stopped updating. In case you’re wondering what happened in all that time, a (semi)brief run-through:

  • I went to Bimini on my very first international press trip (and simultaneously left my toddler alone w/ his dad for the first time).
  • I’ve added more clients to my list than I ever thought possible: Miami New Times, Matador, Marriott (via the Florida Buzz Report), WHERE South Florida and WHERE Tampa Bay, Sherman’s Travel, MommyNearest, Izi Tours, Parachute, and Time Warner).
  • I was published in The Guardian for the first time, writing about living with debt while dealing with child loss and PTSD
  • My husband and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary with a trip to Denver
  • …which subsequently led to him finding a job there
  • …which led to us relocating there (for an indefinite amount of time)
  • …which also allowed for not one but TWO cross-country trips (I have now gotten to re-visit St. Louis and New Orleans; and finally get to slightly know Gainesville, Atlanta, Nashville, Kansas City, Topeka, Tallahassee, Dallas, and Pueblo; and driven through parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and New Mexico). Both trips were great. More gleanings on those travels in future posts, plus photos.
  • I also went on my first out-of-state, tourism board-backed press trip to Houston, which was an incredibly lovely city. Working on some pieces inspired by the trip now.
  • Also, also, I attended my very first writer’s conference: Bindercon. I was selected as a scholarship winner earlier this year and it was an incredible experience, albeit a wholly exhausting one. More on *that* in a future post as well.
  • I voted for who I thought would be our first woman president, and have been in a state of disbelief since learning that Donald Trump will somehow be our president.

Somewhere in there, I had a birthday, went to the dentist, practiced yoga a shamefully small number of times, spent one last wild night in Miami at Basement where I got to see Questlove spin while my Homestead BFF Jenny and I danced the night away, taught my son to eat and enjoy carrots, had my first mini snowball fight, joined the Feminist Sticker Club, and got a new (to me) car.


I’m still adjusting to life in Denver. I miss the ocean (and friends and family) and I can’t wait for my next trip back to Miami. Till then, I’ll enjoy the perks of Colorado life (we don’t have views like the above back in the 305).

To any potential clients reading this: I am still open to new gigs writing about Miami (and surrounding areas) OR Denver (my knowledge of Miami is strong and I still have many¬†connections there, and I’m getting to know Denver now and am excited to start writing about it). If you’ve never seen my work, visit my Contently portfolio, which includes pieces on restaurants, hotels, resorts, bars, attractions, and events. Also always open to writing about parenting, pop culture/entertainment, lifestyle, and feminism (because we need it now more than ever).


To companies wanting coverage on a feminist lifestyle blog: I’ll be open to doing reviews again in January. I’m more than happy to review any products you might feel fit in with a feminist lifestyle (feminist apparel, feminine hygiene products, feminist music/book/film reviews, beauty products, stuff for kids, sex-positive/body-positive products, etc.) Reach out for more info.


To everyone else:¬†I plan to get back to blogging much more (in part thanks to my kiddo starting preschool soon). I also might be open to guest bloggers soon enough (more on that soon, but if you want to start chatting collaboration, feel free to reach out to me asap). I’ll also (finally) be kicking off my still-dormant newsletter in the new year to keep y’all abreast of what I am working on (good for those of you in PR) plus some amusing anecdotes and things because life’s too short not to smile.


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