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Feminist Product Review: Cora Organic Tampons

I’ve been meaning to tackle some period-related content here since this is a feminist lifestyle blog. So when I got an e-mail from a rep at Cora Organic wanting to send me a sample box, I jumped on the chance to review this new period product.

Some Background On cora organic

Cora Organic was created out of two desires: the desire to help women in developing countries gain access to menstrual products, and the desire to create a tampon that would be better for all menstruating persons and the environment. Aside from opting to use organic cotton and to nix the chemicals found in other big-name tampons, Cora has also partnered with organizations in developing nations to gift a month’s supply of sanitary pads to a girl in need for every monthly supply of Cora purchased here in the States. As a feminist (and as stated in previous posts), there’s nothing better than opting to buy a product that also helps others.

Now On To The Review…

Cora Organic Tampon boxes

I’d seen the Cora Organic website and had an idea of more or less what to expect, but I have to say it’s even nicer when you get your package. Inside were two large boxes: One is a solid case that you might otherwise use to store notes or jewelry in, but is specifically to hold your tampons.The other was a disposable cardboard box containing a dozen or more individually-wrapped Cora Organic tampons.

There were also a few hard tubes that resembled jumbo-sized lipstick but actually contained more individually-wrapped tampons; fantastic for stuffing into your pocket for a night out. The hard exterior will guarantee the tampon won’t break open, rendering the tampon useless.

Cora Tampon

My personal favorite item was the black, palm-sized, tampon carrying case–the perfect receptacle for any person to carry around tampons in their purse or backpack. You could definitely use the carrying case for anything else, too, so that’s a bonus.

As far as presentation goes, Cora Organic’s got my attention.

Cora Organic Tampons review


How Well Do They Work?

The plastic wrapping for each tampon is easy to open, though perhaps slightly tougher than, say, Tampax (one of my usual brands). They’re also “quieter” to open, so if discretion is your thing, that’s a plus. The plastic applicator is smooth–again, very similar to Tampax.

My one complaint has to do with releasing the tampon from its applicator. The tampon gets slightly stuck when you attempt to release it from the applicator. At first I thought it was just one defective tampon, but I had trouble pushing them all through the applicator. It made for some mild frustration as I had to use two hands to get the job done.

As far as general use, these organic cotton tampons were great for absorption at all times of my cycle. I also like knowing I’m not using a tampon that has more chemicals than necessary. All in all, I would recommend Cora Organic tampons for anyone looking for the little black dress upgrade to their period routine.

The 411 on cora

You can purchase regular or super absorbent Cora Organic tampons in cases of 6, 12, 18, or 24, with monthly subscriptions starting at just $9 a month. Visit their website for more information or to start subscribing.

*Cora sent me a free one-month sample of their product for this honest review, but I received no further compensation.

13 thoughts on “Feminist Product Review: Cora Organic Tampons

  1. I love companies that offer alternatives to the unsavory additives in traditional feminine hygiene products. The time has come to find a better way. Love the packaging too!

  2. I definitely like the idea of better-for-you tampons, but as an o.b. fan, I only use tampons with applicators in a period emergency. I hope they’ll consider a line of tampons without applicators.

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  4. A very late comment on this post. The part about the tampons not coming out easily and needing two hands struck me. I currently use LOLA (also organic and delivered) and have the same problem with them. I just ordered Cora to try this morning and thought I’d look up reviews. Interesting the only issue I have with LOLA seems also present here.

    1. Apologies for the delay (this post got flagged as spam for some reason). That is interesting though! I wonder if it has something to do with the way more natural/organic tampon applicators are made (not the same kind of plastic as say Tampax). I haven’t tried LOLA yet but good to know. I loved Cora (still do) but dislike the difficulty with the applicator. Hoping they’ve worked that kink out since my review.

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